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Avoid becoming a fashion victim

Not every fashion trend looks good on everyone. No one can successfully wear or pull off every trend. Going after fashion without any consideration for the shape or look of the body can make you turn into a fashion victim.

In order to avoid this, dress in what suits your size and shape, and shop for styles you like (not what is fashionable). Accept your body, know your accurate size; too tight clothes look cheap, and too baggy clothes look sloppy.

In order to avoid becoming a fashion victim, dress for yourself, shop for styles you like, accept your body, know your sizes, and set a budget. To look good and trendy wear your clothes well, throw away pieces that are in a poor condition. Always look for designs over brands, try the clothes before you buy them. Avoid excess accessories. Wear clothes that fit the occasion.

Don’t blindly follow fashion; pick the clothes that work with your figure and your personal taste. Shop smart; mix and match pieces according to your own taste. Stick to your personal style and wear it with confidence.

Avoid the pieces that highlight your unflattering body parts or areas. Shop-till-you-drop can be so much fun, but it is way better to do a little shopping at a time. Gradually introduce new pieces to your wardrobe. By doing so, you will not buy unnecessary items that you don’t really need.

Getting too hung on specific brand names can easily trap you into buying clothes that you don’t really need…or even clothes that look good on you. You just buy such items for the sake of having the brand name.

Avoid wearing too many trends at once, mix one fashionable or trendy item with a basic outfit. Avoid mixing bold patterns, as they always clash if paired together. Always check yourself in a full-length mirror until you have a clear opinion of how you look, as you can have a second opinion on the clothes you try on.

 Avoid becoming a fashion victim

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