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Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins of Men’s Fashion Right Now

Some men adopt the attitude, “I am not a gal! And looks don’t matter” when they buy or wear clothes. Needless to say, the result of that attitude is quite repulsive. On the contrary to what they think, those guys face several problems as a result of that attitude, such as failing in interviews even if they have the needed qualities for the job, failing with the other sex for being “slobs” and lacking in confidence, because they don’t look good wearing what they wear. Those guys commit deadly fashion mistakes along the way, such as:

1- Wearing white jeans. Well, the white color is rather popular in certain places. But in most places and in the States in particular, it is uncommon for men’s jeans to be in white color. I wouldn’t even recommend it for girls, not men, unless it was worn with other things that suit it.

2- Also, wearing jeans in colors other than neutrals. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I’ll say it again: these colors do not look good neither on men nor on women. Just use your imagination, how would people look at you if you wear pink jeans?

3- Buying clothes without trying them on first. It kills me when people do that. They waste precious money because they have a misguided image of themselves. Try what you wear before you even buy it.

4- Letting your mommy or your wifey buy your clothes for you. I am not saying do not indulge your wife/mom a bit and try to consider what she recommends for you (as this is a recipe for disaster). I am just saying, man up! And buy your damn clothes yourself!

5- Wearing sleeveless T-shirt. This looks like you are just wearing underwear. It also makes you look like some gangster from some videogame, neither cool, nor fashionable.

6- Clothes that “detail” your behind. Do I really need to talk about this? Unless you are a clown who’s buskin or something, do not do that! And make sure your pants are appropriately covering your butt.

7- Sagging. I do not know what the guy who came up with this idea was thinking when he thought about it. It really doesn’t matter to people what kind and color of underwear you wear.

Deadly Sins of Men’s Fashion

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