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Are Edible Flowers Nutritious or Just Aesthetic?

Roots like carrots, leaves like spinach, fruits and vegetables are all plant parts that we all enjoy eating. Flowers are other plant parts that are gaining popularity on our plates. Note that we are speaking here about edible flowers because there are some kinds of flowers that are poisonous. The beauty of edible flowers lies in the fancy appearance and colors that they add to a dish, but that is not the only things flowers add to a meal. Read on to discover the nutrients you can get by eating gorgeous blossoms.

Vital Minerals
Iron, potassium and calcium can all be found in various edible flowers. The iron in borage, sesbania and pumpkin flowers is good for boosting energy and enhancing the transport of oxygen. The minute amounts of calcium in lavender and borage are helpful in building bones. Finally, the potassium in viola, chrysanthemum and dianthus is good for maintain proper muscle and heart function.

Antioxidants and Phytonutrients
Antioxidants, flavonoids and phytonutrients give edible flowers their brilliant colors and increase their health benefits. These components are helpful in protecting the body against heart disease, cancer and age-related eye disorders. Examples of edible flowers that are filled with antioxidants, flavonoids and phytonutrients include marigold flowers, violets and chrysanthemums.

Essential Vitamins
Flowers like borage and nasturtiums contain good amounts of vitamin C that surpass the vitamin C content of lettuce. Vitamin C helps the immune system to fight infections. Nasturtiums also contain small amounts of Vitamin D. Pumpkin flowers and lavender flowers are good sources of vitamin A which is good for eye health. As for vitamin E, you can find small amounts of it in rose petals.

How to Start Adding Edible Flowers to Your Diet?
Edible flowers are best without pesticides; that is why you should consider growing your own flowers to ensure their safety. Try little amounts of any edible flower individually to check if your stomach shows any allergic reaction to know whether you need to stay away from a certain flower.

Edible Flowers Nutritious or Just Aesthetic

Are Edible Flowers Nutritious or Just Aesthetic

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