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Why Anxiety Isn’t So Bad After All

Anxiety is bad and all, but have you ever wondered if anything good came out of it? Well it turns out that being anxious doesn’t only have downsides. There are times when anxiety can actually be beneficial to you.

Next time your palms are sweating and you’re over-thinking a situation, remember that it can be for your own good, so long as it isn’t a serious anxiety disorder that needs to be checked on by a doctor. Here are three reasons why anxiety can be good for you:

1) You’re smarter than you think

It has been proven that, students who were more anxious about their tests and thought about the worst-case scenarios, were often the ones who got the best grades, and dealt really well with it if they didn’t.

That’s because the anxiety forces them to study, in fear of failing and prepares them for the worst in case they didn’t get the mark they’d hoped for. They’d either be too satisfied with their grades or not surprised and that serves as an amazing preparation.

2) You’re the first to know if something’s out of place.

People with anxiety think too much, they’re always on the look, waiting to find something abnormal to panic about. They have already seen the dangerous situations in their heads a thousand times; it wouldn’t be too hard for them to recognize one of them in real life. It’s also excellent since you’ve already practiced in your head how you would respond to those situations.

3) You always find a solution.

Say you have a job interview tomorrow, and you’re super nervous you won’t get it, so you start thinking of several ways to impress your interviewer, and surprisingly, all that over-thinking may lead to something creative you wouldn’t have reached with a calm brain.

Anxiety Isn't So Bad After All

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