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Is your ex annoying you? Here’s what you can do!

After breaking up and ending a relationship, it will probably take some time for your ex to understand that you actually broke up and that everything is really over, and until then, they’ll annoy you with text messages and calls, especially after midnight! Here’s what you can do to speed up the “end relationship” process.

1. Ignore him.
Once you have made everything clear to him, do not feel that you have to return any of his messages or calls. The longer he won’t hear from you, the more possible it is that he will begin to accept the situation. Block him on social media accounts and mark his emails as spams. This is one situation where any kind of contact with an ex might really make them not go away.

2. Get out of his way.
You should try to avoid running into your ex at the places he frequently goes to. You shouldn’t need to be a recluse only to avoid him, but you might try to avoid visiting the places that you know he could be around for some time.

It does appear a little unfair that you should be the person to change your ways because of his actions, but it might be for the best in the long run if you do so.

3. Let other people understand what is going on.
Let everybody know what is happening, and that will prevent them giving out any info about you if your ex asks them.

Friends will be ready to give you support throughout what is considered by anyone quite a hard time. They might even help at distracting him or taking his burden off of your hands.

Is your ex annoying you Here's what you can do!

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