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5 Things That Annoy Women Most When They Lose Weight

Losing weight is the dream of more than half the population of earth, most of which are women. It takes time, effort, patience and a hell lot of willpower. However, even when women manage to succeed in losing the extra weight they need to lose, they face some things that ruin their happiness with their achievement, such as:

1- Their faces become thinner. It is sad, but the first part of your body that loses weight even when you don’t want it to is the face. It can be annoying especially if your new look accentuates flaws and blemishes, such as the eye circles and bags that become clearer, the skin that get a sort of yellowish color, etc.

2- They get really stressed out of fear. They fear that they might relapse back into gaining the weight they have lost and more. They even fear being happy with the weight they lose that they lose their motivation to commit to their diets, etc. The stress may make losing weight harder and gaining it back easier.

3- People who say things like, “you really look tired” or “you look like you’ve lost some weight, but you are still far from perfect”. To these people you grit your teeth so hard so you wouldn’t say, “Would it kill you to say something nice?”

4- Not knowing whether or not you should toss away your old clothes. Well, common sense says you should, especially now that they don’t fit you anymore. However, you are always thinking, “what if something happens and I relapse to the state I was in?

5- You don’t know how to enjoy food anymore. In fact, you are even afraid of it. It is like you are recovering from alcohol addiction and have to avoid parties and whatever event in which alcohol is served. Except, in this case you avoid food!

Things That Annoy Women Most When They Lose Weight

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