Amusing Tour in Ulaanbaatar Capital City of Mongolia

Mongolia is an Asian country situated in the central east of the continent. The country has not coastal lands but the fantastic scenes of the mountains and valleys will impress your mind and heart. If you decide to visit the capital and biggest city of the country, you will surly find your destination.

Ulaanbaatar is situated in north central magnolia in the Valley of Tuul River above the land with about 1351meters and is considered as the capital and largest city in Mongolia. All of these features qualify such a city to be your perfect destination. If you are living in any of the Asian countries, you can reach Ulaanbaatar using the train from Russia or china.

Traveling through the Mongolian airlines will be another amusing way to reach Ulaanbaatar because the National Airport lies near the city. Immediately after you reach the city, you will find many hotels available to provide you a comfortable and amusing stay.

Your tour around Ulaanbaatar can include cultural, historical, educational, entertaining, and industrial sites. If you purpose is to acknowledge the Mongolian expressive art, you will find your destination in the Opera House, Drama Theater, and State Circus. The materialized art will be found in the national museums in Ulaanbaatar such as the Natural History Museum, the Bogd Khan Palace Museum, and the Choijin Lama Temple Museum. The Sport Stadium includes many entertaining activities like the Mongolian wrestling.

The adventurous people will be fascinated with the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park because its endless landscape will offer you the chance to climb rocks and ride camels and horses. Such an experience will certainly be memorable. The Mongolian food is a different story. The lamb is a basic element in most of their meals; so, you will need to try a delicious food in one of the Ulaanbaatar’s famous restaurants.

Ulaanbaatar Capital City of Mongolia.docx Ulaanbaatar Capital City of Mongolia.docx Ulaanbaatar Capital City of Mongolia.docx Ulaanbaatar Capital City of Mongolia.docx

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