The Amusing Culture and Customs of India


India is the land of harmony and paradoxes, magic and simplicity, traditions and modernity. It is simply the land of diversity in most of the fields of life. The country has a large number of religions, languages, and unique customs. However, when you walk in the Indian streets, you can feel that there is a unique similarity and harmony among those Indian people.

India is the homeland of many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism beside a few minor religions as more than 30 million people follow these religions. In addition, millions of Indians are Muslims and Christians. This diversity in religions can be noticed only in their traditions and rituals but most of the relations among the Indians are very strong regardless each one’s religion. But you can visit India and see the Indians performing their rituals. If you want to talk with them, you can use the Indo-Aryan or the Dravidian languages as they are the mother tongue of the majority of Indians, but some Indians can speak English because it is the language of education and business.

One of the most interesting social customs in India is the marriage. The marriage rituals differ from a religion to another in India, but all of them are important parts in the Indian culture. The arranged marriage was a traditional way of strengthening the relations between two families, but the love marriage is increasing now as the modern trend is getting into the life of Indians. However, the colorful celebrities and original Indian music are still the important features of the Indian wedding rituals.

If you want to see the original Indian culture, try to visit the Indian theaters and museums. Here, the Indian artists are able to embodiment the social, traditional, and cultural customs successfully.

The Cultures of India The Cultures of India The Cultures of India The Cultures of India The Cultures of India

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