Amazing Traditions for Different Occasions in Istanbul


The Traditions of the locals of Istanbul are affected by their religion in addition to the surrounding area. Such a city was the capital of the Ottoman Empire till 1923; thus, it still has the palaces of Ottoman Sultans and their families. As a tourist, you will need to get an idea about the traditions of the locals of Istanbul to define the best and most suitable occasion for your visit.

The Muslim locals of Istanbul are affected deeply by their religion in their traditions in the occasions and daily life. You can see the mosques everywhere with large minarets and ornamented doors. If you want to see one of them from the inside, you will need to cover your body and hair- if you are a woman- and to cover most of your body- if you are a man- just like the locals. In addition, they speak the Turkish language that belongs to the Atlantic family and influenced by Persian and Arabic languages.

Ramadan has its special and fantastic traditions in Istanbul as well as in most of the Muslim cities around the world. All kinds of food and drinks are prohibited during the daylight till the sunset; then, everybody can eat till the next dawn. At this occasion, the favorite dish for most of the locals is a blend of onions, rice, meat, and chickpeas served with yogurt. At the holy month of Ashore, they love to share a delicious pudding named after the month with their families, friends, and neighbors.

The traditional etiquette from the days of the Ottoman Empire is still applied in most of the social relations and the official meetings. The surnames are still used especially among the old and wise men as a sign of respect and hospitality.

Traditions for Different Occasions in Istanbul Traditions for Different Occasions in Istanbul Traditions for Different Occasions in Istanbul

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