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5 Amazing Things You Can Use Your Blow-dryer for

Not a lot of women and men now are using blow-dryers. It is to be expected about how blow drying can damage hair, cause split ends, and weaken hair follicles. Moreover, no one now has that much time on their hands to blow-dry for an hour. However, don’t sell your blow-dryer in the second hand section on eBay yet! Here is what you can do with it.

• Crayon colors are not easy to clean of the walls. And you would never ask how they got to the walls on the first place if you have kids. However, you clean up the aftermath of the inspiration by using hot air from your blow dryer to melt the colors and make them easy to wipe off.

• I have already told you how to use the blow-dryer to clean up a crayon mess. However, I can tell you how to make a good one with it. You can smash your crayons with a hammer, then spread the color powders on a white canvas, and then melt them with your blow dryer to turn the whole thing into the most gorgeous masterpiece.

• With a blow-dryer, you can break in a new pair of really tight of shoes instead of throwing them away and wasting your money. Just wear a tight sock and the tight shoes, and blow dry with hot air the areas that feel too tight.

• Make your cake all glossy like the ones you see on TV by blowing it with hot air from the top. “Gently” is the key word here. Frosting usually has butter that will melt with hot air giving it that nice finish.

• If you have a big Band-Aid on your skin that will give you hell to remove, blow it with hot air to melt off its glue and make it easy to remove.

5 Amazing Things You Can Use Your Blow-dryer for

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