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3 amazing strategies to Keep your health using nature

Follow these health strategies to increase your resistance to diseases. Here’s some of these strategies
Fresh air

Despite the difficulty of finding of fresh air in overpopulated urban areas which are full of pollutants, it is absolutely necessary to enjoy a good health. Life in areas that lack fresh air have a negative impact on health completely the same as impact of smoking.

you must be out of the atmosphere of the city whenever the opportunity arises for that. Moreover,

*be sure to clean the air filter inside your air conditioners.

*you and your family have to practice breathing deeply to supply the lungs with sufficient fresh oxygen regularly.
Natural foods I can tell you who you are through the food you eat!!! a Famous category that reflects the importance of food choices and its impact on our health in general.

*Choose natural foods as much as possible, such as nuts, fresh fruits ,vegetables and grains.

*Eat organic food whenever the opportunity arises.

*Avoid processed or prepared foods
Exposure to the sun regularly
sun rays are very useful for our bodies .they regulates the absorption of vitamin D. They promote physical health and mood of every one, but you must expose to the sun in moderation.

*expose your body to the sun at least 10 minutes a day.

*sitting next to an open window allows you to get a daily dose of sun and fresh air.

*Avoid excessive exposure to the sun get a sunburn and increase the risk of melanoma.

strategies to Keep your health using nature

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