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10 Amazing secrets for the beauty of Japanese women

Japanese women always look beautiful. Their hair is soft and long, and their skin is pure and radiant. Also, their makeup is simple and beautiful. Japanese women have secret for this natural beauty.

1. Japanese women apply pure oils on their faces. As an example, they use Rice bran oil to clean their faces. This oil cleans the face and gives moisture and nourishes the skin. Other examples are Camellia oil or Tsubaki oil which moisturize their face and bodies.

2. Green tea is another secret for their beauty. Japanese women drink lots of green tea.

3. When they stay out in the sun, they use hats and umbrellas to protect their skin from the heat and they don’t use lots of sunscreens.

4. To keep their skin smooth and remove dirt, the Japanese women always exfoliate their face. They use gentle water based exfoliators which contain ground azuki beans. They also shave their faces or have laser treatment to remove the hair on their faces.

5. They have a relaxing hot bath every day at night. They put aromatic herbs, oils and green tea in the bathing water to soften their skin and moisturize it.

6. They have healthy foods in their meals, and it must contain fresh vegetables, fish and rice.

7. They use beauty products which contain natural elements.

8. They don’t care much about makeup. Makeup is not very important for them and they use makeup a little.

9. Taking care of their hair is very important for Japanese women. They use wooden combs which aren’t harmful to hair as plastic combs. They also choose shampoos that contain natural ingredients like seaweed. They comb their hair once daily using tsubaki oil to avoid frizzy hair.

10. They believe in their inside beauty which is unseen.

secrets for the beauty of Japanese women

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