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Amazing realities about skin creams

You may be using beauty care elements like lotions, serums on a regular way. However, there are some unknown facts for you to know about them.

– Moisturizers and lotions are very effective for delaying the appearance of wrinkles. They help to keep elasticity for your skin.

– A large portion of the skin cream is not absorbed into the skin. There is about 60% only of the cream layer which will be absorbed by skin.

– In order to stop the products from going bad, they contain preservatives. The reason is that most creams are water based.

– Using moisturizer at night is better. It helps to moisturize your skin more.

– Exfoliating is very important and useful to do
before applying creams. They help to get rid of dead skin cells which prevents skin creams from being ingested into the skin.

– Numerous skin creams contain antioxidants as vitamins A, C and E. Antioxidants are useful for preventing ageing and cancer.

– You should always use SPF moisturizer even if it is cold. Avoid exposure of your skin to sunlight to avoid maturing of the skin.

– You should use the suitable moisturizer for your skin type as all moisturizers are different. Also, the suitable creams differ for each part of the body. For instance, the skin on your eyelids is very thin and requires suitable cream for it.

– Creams containing retinol are very helpful for decreasing wrinkles. However, pregnant women cannot use them to avoid any possible health risks on their babies.

realities about skin creams

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