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3 Amazing Never-Heard-Of Treatments You Can Make Yourself

You have most probably heard about DIY treatments. Naturally, you’ve heard about many skin treatments and hair masks. You should’ve also heard about Natural hair treatments. However, some of the natural treatments you will learn in this article will literally wow you.

1- A zit on the face can make any woman’s day turn sour. And usually women buy all sorts of treatments for a zit, and these treatments might work against each other making matters worse. But a woman said to her friend – who was trying to get rid of a zit – that her grandma told her that applying mashed raw garlic treats skin problems. She tried it, and much to her surprise, the results were pretty amazing and really quick as well.

2- Many people avoid using heaters because it is often that the electric wires overheat and melt causing fire. However, did you know that you can make your own ecofriendly heater without electricity? Just heat a brick over flame for ten minutes or so, wrap it in an old blanket and use it to warm you for hours.

3- Blackheads can be such a bother, and getting rid of them is no easy trip. You fiddle with your poor skin abusing it with washes and weird needles. However, you can make an affordable – yet effective – treatment of two natural ingredients, milk and gelatin.

Just heat the milk a bit and dissolve the gelatin in it until it becomes a sticky semi-liquid substance. After it cools a bit, spread it on your skin. Peel it off when it dries out and watch it take off the blackheads with it.

Share with us what other strange and effective ideas or treatments you might know of.

Treatments You Can Make Yourself

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