5 Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragons are legendary creatures known for their extraordinary powers. Although dragon fruits don’t share the legendary factor with dragons, they are powerful in terms of the health benefits they provide. Dragon fruits probably get their names by being covered with colorful scales. Beneath those attractive scales, lies the sweet tasting pulp that is either yellow or white and have the following benefits:

1. Antioxidants

Several supplement pills claim to provide sufficient antioxidants; however, artificial pills provide only one or two kinds of antioxidants that are naturally found in fruits like dragon fruits. The varieties of antioxidants available in dragon fruit are good in fighting free radicals that cause multiple health problems including cancer.

2. Fibers

Healthy diets ought to include dietary fibers which can be easily found in fresh fruits and vegetables. In the case of dragon fruit, you’ll get 1g of fiber per 100g if you eat it fresh. You can increase the amount of fiber you can get from 100g of dragon fruit if you reach for the dried version as it would contain ten times fiber as the fresh kind.

3. Low Cholesterol

In case you are excluding elements from your diet for their high levels of cholesterol, you won’t have to do that with dragon fruit. The amazing thing about this fruit is not only its low amount of cholesterol, it also has a negligible amount of fats that produce unhealthy cholesterol.

4. Vitamin C

Dragon fruits are rich with vitamin C which has various health benefits like boosting the immune system. Getting vitamin C from fresh fruit has more advantages than getting it from supplements as it would be more readily absorbed into your system.

5. Fats

The little black seeds dispersed in dragon fruit pulp contain minute amounts of fats and proteins. Fortunately, these fats are not a source of worry as they are mono-saturated for the most part.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

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