Apples are one of the most amazing fruits that Nature has blessed us with. Green apples are known for being one of the healthiest fruits; they are innately full of important nutrients including vitamins, fiber, protein and minerals.

Green apples are known to be effective in reducing blood cholesterol, offering relief from digestive troubles, improving appetite and stabilizing levels of blood sugar.

They contain a good amount of fiber that increases metabolism and cleans the system, and therefore they are good for free bowel movement. As it is said, the cleaner your systems are the healthier and happier you get.

Furthermore, green apples include many minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, etc. which are essential for human health. Iron in apples helps raise the blood oxygen levels and increase the metabolic rate. Green apples are great for weight watchers; people on diet must include an apple in their daily diet. They help maintain proper blood flow preventing strokes. They also contain vitamin C that helps prevent free radical damage to skin and consequently protects against skin cancer. Anti- oxidants in green apples help in cell rejuvenation and rebuilding, which in its turn helps you maintain a glowing and healthy skin.

Green apples help the thyroid gland function properly, preventing rheumatism and keeping our bones strong and healthy. Green apples are associated with lots of benefits for hair care and skin care. A face mask using a green apple will moisturize your skin, eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and improve your skin overall texture.

Green apples are a very effective anti- acne treatment; a regular consumption can control pimple eruptions. A paste made of the skin and leaves of green apples fixes dandruff wonderfully and this paste can be used as a shampoo; a regular massage with green apple juice onto the scalp has the same effect.


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