8 Amazing Health Benefits of Beets

Whether you fancy putting it in a salad, baking it, or making a juice out of it, beets have a rather rich nutritional value with numerous overwhelming health benefits. In case you’re not fond of the blood red fruit, you’re going to have to read on the following, you just might change your mind.

8. Beets Help Fight Anemia : Beets are considered a great source of iron. Including beets in your daily diet would substitute your need of iron supplements in case you suffer from anemia.

7. Help Preventing Cancer : Beets are full of antioxidants along with betacyanin, the substance that gives it its red color. Antioxidants and betacyanin are able to robustly fight off cancer.

6. Promote Cardiovascular Health : Phytonutrients, vitamin C, and manganese in beets are all requirements to a healthy blood pressure and a cardiovascular system in general.

5. Great Source of Energy : Beets contain a form of sugar, low in calories, but enough to support your body with energy on the long-run because sugar from beets is absorbed in a slow rate.

4. Beets Get Rid Of Body Toxins : Betalian pigments in beets play an important role in clearing toxins off your blood stream out through urine and detoxifying your body.

3. Boost Endurance : If you spend a lot of time in the gym, you’re in need of tough endurance. A cup of beet juice before exercise widens blood vessels providing your body with more oxygen and higher endurance.

2. Strengthen Mental Health : Antidepressants contain a substance called betaine which is found naturally in beets. Tryptophan is another substance, also found in beets, that’s responsible for mental relaxation. Overall, consuming beets is a natural way to strengthen your mental health.

1. Great during Pregnancy : Beets are recommended for pregnant women as they are considered a great source of folate and B-complex vitamin. Such nutrients protect a newborn from any possible birth defects.
Amazing Health Benefits of Beets

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