5 of The Amazing and Different Festivals in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a wonderful and an active place during the day and night. The festivals are one of the principal activities that attract a large number of tourists to the city every year. Whatever your personality is; you will find a related festival that will satisfy your interests. So, don’t miss this chance and try to find your place with a tour group to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Harvest Festival Original Art and Craft Show is held every year in September to display about 24000 handmade crafts and arts, such as jewels, clothes, photos, wooden craftworks, and rare species of food. At the end of the festival, the juries pick up the winning original and well embellished products.

The First Friday is a monthly festival held in 18b, Las Vegas Art District. The festival includes different artistic presentations to revive the cultures of the city. This Friday is preceded by the Preview Thursday where new gallery exhibitions overwhelm the city.

In the Children’s Day in Nevada, the museum of Las Vegas arranges a fruitful meeting between the local candidates and the city’s children, youth, and families to discuss interesting issues. The International Film Festival is an annual celebration given in Las Vegas to choose the best American and international films and honor the top filmmakers.

In Las Vegas Numismatic Society Fall Coin Show, you can spend three memorable days watching about 200 dealers with their unique collections of old jewels, stamps, and coins estimated by about 50000000 dollars. You can even show your precious collection there to collect a large amount of money.

The Solar Festival will let you enjoy with the breathtaking look of the solar-powered art, solar demonstrations, along with a lot of food for you and your family. The festival will provide you with the latest information about the sustainable solar energy.

Amazing Festivals in Las Vegas Amazing Festivals in Las Vegas Amazing Festivals in Las Vegas Amazing Festivals in Las Vegas Amazing Festivals in Las Vegas Amazing Festivals in Las Vegas

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