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Amazing And Exquisite Uses Of Orange Peels

The orange is known to be a good source of vitamin C and fiber, however most of the vitamin C content in the orange fruit actually lays in the skin itself more than the pulp, despite this fact all of use eat the orange or juice it and just throw away the peels with its treasure nutrients. Orange peels can be used in many things, you an make delicious treats for your family, enhance your beauty or even clean your house, below are a few ways you can make sure of orange peels instead of throwing them.

1- Make Orange Jam.

My favorite way to use orange peels is making a delicious orange jam that I can’t get enough of, all you will need to do is slice thin the orange peels after removing the white part and add them to once cup of water and two cups of orange juice and two cups of sugar, bring the mixture to boil, mix the sugar until it’s all melt down then turn down the fire to low and allow it to thicken and caramelize then refrigerate and enjoy it on toast for breakfast.
Note/ The more you add orange peels the more you get a lovely stingy flavor.

2- Lighten The Tone Of Your Skin And Teeth.

Orange peels contain Bleaching properties that can help you so much in lightening dark patches of your body, fading freckles, reducing the appearance of scars and even nourishing the skin and increasing its elasticity.
As for the teeth, rubbing orange peels on your teeth from the outside part everyday will help you get whiter teeth and keep plaque at bay.

3- Mosquito Repellant.

Mosquitoes go away from the smell of orange so if you rub it on your skin before going out at night in the summer you won’t have to suffer from mosquito bites.

4- Sanitize your Kitchen Sink And Shine Your Fixtures.

Orange peels contain antibacterial properties that you can use to kill harmful bacteria in your kitchen sink and counter after preparing meats, fish or chicken by just rubbing it against the surface, orange peels can also shine your kitchen and bathroom fixture to make them look like brand new.

5- Dry Them Up.

you can also dry the peels of orange in your oven on very low heat then ground them finely in your food processor and keep them in a plastic bag in your freezer, they will help you with many things, cakes, tarts, deserts or you can even use them to freshen the air in any room or as bath oil.

Uses Of Orange Peels

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