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The Amazing Benefits for Tea Tree Oil for Health and Beauty

For about a year or so I started hearing and reading about tea tree oil everywhere I look. I thought to myself, “what’s so special about it?” It wasn’t until I “read tea tree oil” on the labels of my pricy beauty products that I decided to quit stalling and start researching the benefits of tea tree oil.

What I found blew me away and I am sure that it will do the same to you:

1- Yeast infections in ehm!.. These places can be a problem both tough and embarrassing for many women. Moreover, women feel too hesitant and intimidated about looking for a treatment (since you can’t exactly go around saying that you have a problem like this out loud!) However, tea tree oil is an amazing cure for this problem with its miraculous antiviral and antifungal characteristics. Apply a few drops of it to a tampon and use it to get rid of this problem.

2- The winter season is extra tough for many women, especially those with dry skin. This is due to Eczema, which is a problem that can happen to dry skin making it too vulnerable and sensitive. You don’t need pricy medications for this condition. Just moisturize your skin with olive oil to which you add few drops of tea tree oil.

3- We’ve just talked about how the cold winter is not too kind to your skin, but hot summer isn’t so good either. Summer is the season when germs and bacteria grow and flourish, and they might do a considerable amount of damage if they contact your skin. Therefore, you will start to see the pimples, the blackheads and the redness, and start to feel the itchiness and the discomfort. Washing your face regularly helps a lot with this. Rubbing it with some tea tree oil helps a lot as well.

4- Every girl knows that she needs to clean and disinfect her makeup brushes and tools often. Some girls buy disinfectants made especially for this which can be rather expensive. Others use rubbing alcohol which might harm your skin. However, you can disinfect your makeup brushes easily and affordably by spraying them with tea tree oil.

Benefits for Tea Tree Oil for Health and Beauty

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