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5 Amazing Benefits for Tea You Have Never Heard about before

Nowadays, The world now is raving about how healthy tea is and how amazing are its benefits and how wondrous are the antioxidants it contains…..etc. we all know how refreshing and thirst quenching tea is. How it is good for cleaning teeth and fighting cavities. How great are its antioxidants at fighting several diseases. However, we will not discuss the benefits of tea for your body here since you already know all about them by now. We will talk about some of the amazing benefits of tea other than the ones you get by drinking.

1- You can make your very own hair wash from any type of tea you have at home. It will clean your hair thoroughly and make it shiny and lively. It will clean up your scalp of the buildup that clogs your pores and rid you of dandruff and sebum. It also gives your hair a nice tint of color and protects you from some problems such as hair loss.

2- Do not throw away the tea that has gone cold down the drain. Use the leftover leaves and the drink itself for your garden. They are full of nutrients and antioxidants that can do a lot of good to the soil in your garden. Plants like pathos, Chinese evergreen and peace lilies will flourish and grow stronger with tea.

3- The antioxidants in your tea can work as a topical skin treatment as well. It is especially effective at removing dark and puffy eye circles. You can chill tea bags in a freezer and put them on your eye circles for 10 minutes. Or you can freeze tea in an ice tray and then smoothen your eye circles with the ice cube.

4- Tea has a reputation for staining fabrics. This is due to its natural dye. You can boil tea for a while (make strong tea) and then soak whatever fabric you want to dye in the tea to give it a reddish tint.

5- You can make a natural cheap homemade toner for your skin with tea. Brew tea and let it cool down (you can refrigerate it for later use), and then wash your face with the drink. Antioxidants in your tea will treat and clean your skin, and prevent early aging.

5 Amazing Benefits for Tea You Have Never Heard about before

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