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Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Strawberries

Strawberries are those amazing little delights, the deep red color and sweet taste if strawberries make it a favorite fruit for millions around the world, people usually love to enjoy strawberries in shakes, smoothies, pastries, tarts, pies, jam, etc , strawberries are rich with many exceptional health benefits, in fact they are considered super foods, a lot of women don’t only like to enjoy strawberries for its taste, color or smell, but also for its beauty benefits, listed below are just a few of the beauty benefits strawberries have to offer you so read on.

1- Strawberries Improve The Complexion.

One way you can use strawberries to enhance your beauty is by applying its fresh Juice to your skin everyday and let it dry, the juice will help toning your skin, lightening it due to its bleaching properties and reduce dark spots related to age or over exposure to sun.

2- They Reduce Oil Production In The Skin.

Strawberries are usually included in facial scrubs and Packs for Oily skin, the acidic nature of strawberries make them perfect to reduce the excessive oil production that can cause many different skin problems like acnes, hence strawberry juice can be used to cleanse the skin effectively.

3- Strawberries Heal Cracked Feet.

Strawberries can used with salt and olive oil to scrub your cracked heels and get rid of dead skin cells, just mash up a few strawberries, mix with salt and olive oil, scrub your heels with that strawberries mixture for 15 minutes, you can also opt to leave it on your heals for over night, you will be amazed how soft your feet feel after that.

4- Strawberries Whiten Teeth.

A great home remedy for yellow teeth is strawberries, simply slice a strawberry and rub it gently for five minutes on your teeth, the acidic nature in strawberries will help bleaching your teeth however you need to follow this remedy regularly.
Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Strawberries

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