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All You Need to Know about Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving every month? Looking for the ultimate solution for smooth skin? Then, you might have considered getting your hair removed with laser. Laser hair removal is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States because almost everyone likes the feel of smooth skin. In case you are considering that option, this article will provide you with all you need to know about this method of getting rid of unwanted hair.

First, it’s important to know how it works. The device works by beaming laser, a concentrated form of light, into hair follicles where the coloring pigments absorb the light energy that burns out the hair.

Although not having to shave ever again is a great enough advantage for people to consider laser hair removal, but there are also other advantages as well such as:

 The laser removal device is meticulous as it only gets rid of the hair leaving the skin around it unharmed.
 A life-long hairless skin is almost certain by using laser hair removal; it usually takes from three up to seven sessions for a patient to be completely incapable of growing hair again.
 It won’t take much of your time! Each laser pulse takes less than a second to remove multiple hairs at the same time. It would only take about an hour to remove hairs from areas of broad skin.

Laser hair removal is not as simple as your usual waxing or plucking of hair. It’s more of a medical operation that requires precautions and arrangements. These preparations include choosing the right doctor and knowing the essential details about the process. You should also avoid removing your hair before the operation as the laser goes after the roots of the hair which wouldn’t be there. Exposing your skin to sunlight might also cause trouble for proper laser hair removal; it would be healthier if you avoid the sun during that time.

Before starting the operation, your hair will be trimmed to a proper length. Then, information like your hair color and thickness, skin tone and desired location for treatment will be used to set the laser equipment.

During the operation, you would need to protect your eyes from the laser light, as well as your skin. Technicians use a gel or a cooling device to protect the skin and help the laser to infiltrate the skin. The technician must also use light pulses to check if the operation is going as planned and if there are any bad effects caused by the laser. After it’s over you should be provided with lotions or cold water to ease any soreness caused by the procedure.

After 24 hours or more from the procedure, your skin might burn a little. There are moisturizers and lotions that may help ease that. Your laser-treated hair will tend to fall within the following month. It would be better if you used sunscreen during that time to avoid the changing of your skin color and skin-damage. Although permanent damage by laser operations is unlikely, precautions must be taken.

Since the equipment used for laser hair removal is usually expensive the procedure is a little costly compared to other hair removal techniques but it worthy. The price of laser hair removal will vary according to several factors. The larger the area you want to treat, the more it will cost as it would take more time. You may pay several times if you need more than one treatment. Keep in mind that some doctors would cost more than others either because of experience of because of the location of their center.

All You Need to Know about Laser Hair Removal

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