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Alcohol Consumption Is Linked To Seven Types Of Cancer

The medical awareness is recommending people to treat alcohol as a substance that should be used with caution, apparently there’s a good reason for that.
Regular consumption of alcohol lead to several health concerns including depression, high blood pressure and dementia.
Doctors have also long suspected a link between drinking alcohol and the susceptibility to cancer but that link was not certain yet.
In a recent review published by the journal “Addiction” confirmed that consuming alcohol regularly can cause cancer in not just one or two parts of the body but seven including:
Mouth and throat.

Alcohol causes all these types of cancer in a number of ways.
For instance, when booze directly get in contact with the body cells it quickly get transferred to acetaldehyde which is known as carcinogen that damages the DNA.

Booze also works as a solvent, meaning that other toxins in the environment will find it easy to enter your body and pile up.

That beer gut? This too was found to lead to cancer and increase obesity rates which is another thing that increase the risks of cancer significantly.

– There’s no safe limit.

You will directly assume that this only affect heavy drinkers right?

No even those who drink moderately or even on a low amount are still considered at a risk of cancer according to the “Addiction” review.

Jennie Connor, author of the review mentioned that 5.8 percent of the death cases that are caused by cancer can be attributed to alcohol consumption, that means more than half a million people died last year because they were consuming alcohol regularly.

In other words, if everybody in the USA stopped drinking, quitted smoking and focused on healthier alternatives to relieve stress like exercising, the rates of cancer will drop 70%.

It is unfortunate that alcohol taxes raked 9.64 billion dollars revenue last year.

Alcohol Consumption Is Linked To Seven Types Of Cancer

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