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4 Alarming Signs You Might Have Breast Cancer

Did you know that one of each eight women in USA alone is diagnosed with breast cancer? That makes it what? The most common type of cancer? Like other types of cancer, the best cure for it is by detecting it as early as possible.

To detect breast cancer, you need to learn about the signs of breast cancer you can find by hand checking. Here are some of them:

• Swelling of breast could very possibly be an alarming sign of breast cancer. If there is a tumor in the breast, it could press on its tissues and the areas around it. This swelling of course can come with other symptoms such as feeling like the breast skin is red in color or that it feels hot and is very sensitive to the touch.

• A lump in the breast or the areas around it can also be a very telling sign of breast cancer. To be sure check these areas: in the collarbone, under the armpit, around the nipples, and near the place of the lymph nodes. If you find that these lumps are tender to the touch and don’t move when pressed, go to your doctor immediately.

Women sometimes don’t notice that there is a change in breast size, and those close to them are the ones who notice. However, you could also notice this sign if you feel that your bras are becoming tighter or that close fitting clothes look and feel somehow uncomfortable. When that happens, check for other signs of breast cancer.

• Feeling itchy and needing to rub – or rather scratch – your skin often could be a sign of many things, such as dry skin, eczema, infection, skin allergy etc. However, feeling itchiness in the breast area along with other things such as breast skin feeling strange and changing in look and texture could be another sign of breast cancer.

4 Alarming Signs You Might Have Breast Cancer

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