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Age-Defying Life Style To Lose Weight And Look Younger

Once we turn 40 our bodies start to change dramatically, you start noticing yourself adding more weight with the same portions of food you used to eat before, well that happens because our metabolic rate drops significantly after the age of 39, making the storage of fat easier and the burning of calories harder, so if you want to indulge in the same type of food you were eating before you must double the exercising sessions in order to stay fit.

Unfortunately when our metabolism Slows Down Aging Signs like bags under the eyes, wrinkles and flabs in the face start to show up, specially if you are eating the wrong food, so the question that comes to the mind is what should be done in order to boost metabolism in our bodies and reverse Aging Signs?

Before attempting to solve the problem you must understand that, it is not only the age that cause these dramatic changes to our bodies, but also the change in the hormonal levels produced in the body, once women hit 40 and 50 their female sex hormones production (estrogen and progesterone) start to drop which affects how women look and feel, menopause by that time start to kick in too and you may notice ab difference in your energy levels and ability to get to sleep, you may also experience hot flashes.

So the key to trick our bodies to boost metabolism and adapt the sudden changes in the body hormones is by your diet and exercising regime, you can get your body to lose weight and look younger.

So opt to increase your exercising session daily and beside that make sure you are eating more proteins like eggs, meats, fish, legumes and fruits and vegetables, try not to eat the same option you were eating before that would be too much for your body to process.

Try to keep your diet limited within the foods that will satisfy you and keep you full for longer times, less carbs, fats and sugar, and more foods that fill up like fiber rich foods and legumes, also make sure to include the adaptogenic herbs in your diet, these herbs help to balance the hormones levels and reduce the menopausal and premenopausal symptoms.
Age-Defying Life Style To Lose Weight And Look Younger

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