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After reading this, you will definitely omit refined sugar from your food

The craving for sugar is an old natural instinct. People in the past were always interested in sweet foods to give them energy and to help them store fats in their body. Nowadays we discovered that sugar is called the white poison. When we add refined sugar to our food we don’t get any benefits, we only have some more useless calories. Here you will know more about the disadvantages of refined sugar.

• Refined sugar always combines with proteins in the body resulting in reducing the elasticity of the skin. So, if you consume a lot of sugary foods, the signs of aging will appear early on your skin.

• Refined sugar destroys your immune system and makes it unable to work well. The reason is that sugar nourishes the bacteria in the body resulting in the disability of the immune system and its incapability to perform its job.

• Refined sugar is one of the main reasons for obesity. When you eat sugary foods, you feel a craving for eating more of them. Also, refined sugar leads to increasing the insulin in your blood making it unstable which results in storing more fats. As a result, your body will gain more weight.

• Refined sugar leads to stress and anxiety. Although you feel burst of energy after having refined sugar, but it is followed by a slump, which results in producing the stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol making you feel stressed and irritated.

• Refined sugar is the chief reason for developing Type 2 diabetes. When you eat sugar, your body will be resistant to insulin, so you will be liable to prediabetes and then Type 2 diabetes later on. Moreover, the growth of cancerous cells is connected with the high levels of insulin.

• In addition, the studies have proved that refined sugar causes heart diseases, and not saturated fat as we think. The reason is that refined sugar leads to storing fat in the body resulting in raising the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

• Not only does eating too much sugar make you overweight, but it will make you undernourished as well. Your body will be busy processing the great amount of sugar you give to it, but it will not have the chance to process other useful elements that you consume.

After reading this, you will definitely omit refined sugar from your food

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