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Affiliate Marketing: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Gaining profit online became a simple transaction for successful website publishers. An example of such profit is affiliate marketing which is a method for publishers to gain profit by promoting for another business’s product, service or site. There are four major participants in the process of affiliate marketing: the merchant who wants their product promoted; the network which has the affiliate offers and manages the transactions; the publisher, also known as the affiliate; and the customer who is the final beneficent from this marketing.

Affiliate marketing can bring income to the affiliate in two methods. First, the affiliates can benefit from each visitor to their webpage who took action towards the object of affiliate marketing. For example, a customer may leave his contacts or sign up to a certain website and the affiliate will earn a fixed paid amount ranging from $1 to $15 per sales lead according to the product being marketed. Another way to get income from affiliate marketing is the actual sale of products where the affiliate will get a commission based on the rate agreed on.

Both advertisers and publishers often prefer affiliate marketing than other types of internet marketing. Advertisers prefer affiliate marketing because they will only pay when a customer takes action or buys a product instead of paying for a publisher to advertise who doesn’t have any visitors. Publishers prefer affiliate marketing because they don’t only get paid for posting an advertisement on their webpage but they also benefit with every single actions that their followers perform.

The customers’ actions in affiliate marketing can be tracked by a URL that is specifically generated for the affiliate. The publisher gets to have a control panel which contains a report section that records each referral done using the affiliate marketing URL from the publisher’s webpage. Reports are updated for the advertisers instantly or once a day if it was a huge company. Affiliates can get their commissions once the lock date, the date by which the customers cannot return their products, is over.

The ease of affiliate marketing is arbitrary to the performance of the publisher. Important factors for successful affiliate marketing plans include having publications relevant to the products being marketed and having a trust relationship between the publisher and the audience. Examples of good publications for affiliate marketing include writing detailed reports about the products or posting walk through videos on how to use the products. It is important to keep the publications interesting, honest and about high quality products in order to keep and gain more audience.

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