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Advices to maintain healthy hair

Of course having healthy hair is the dream of every girl in the world. We all want to have soft, thick and shiny hair. But, most of us have problems in our hair like dryness, dandruff and hair loss. Here are some advices to help you avoid hair problems in order to get the healthy hair you are dreaming of.

– Do not wash your hair more than twice or three times a week. Washing your hair too much deprives it from the natural oils which are produced by the scalp and are useful to its health.

– Avoid exposing your hair to heat sources such as hair dryers and hair straighteners. The heat causes decreasing of the shine of the hair and also causes dryness to the hair roots.

– Wash your hair with cold water instead of hot water, as cold water keeps the hair natural oils leaving your hair shiny and bright. While the hot water opens the hair cuticles and takes out the natural oils from it. So, it makes the hair dry and coarse at the end.

– Do not use much hair creams. These creams are rich in chemicals that cause damage to the hair. Also, hair creams are very harmful to the scalp.

– Use the shampoo that is suitable to your hair type. Using the suitable shampoo will make your hair glowing and healthy.

– Use natural mixtures and recipes for your hair which are available in your kitchen. For example, mayonnaise mask makes your hair soft and shiny. Also, milk mask works well to moisturize the hair.

– Take care of your food and make sure to eat foods rich in useful nutrients for your hair, as: salmon, eggs, pumpkin seeds, calf liver, avocado, spinach, chicken, as well as sweet potatoes.

Advices to maintain healthy hair

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