4 Abusive Things You Do to Your Skin Unknowingly

What is the thing that every girl takes care of no matter how old she is, how she feels, or what she is going through? The answer is easy (for girls at least!). It is her skin.

It is not just that every girl wants her skin to look pretty and radiant, but taking care of her skin shows how much a girls takes care of herself. However, there are thing that you or any girl do that can make your routine skin care useless, such as:

1- It is a given and well known fact that smoking is the source of all evil, and that includes skin damage. No amount of nicotine addiction can justify the damage it does to your skin. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how much you try to nurture your skin if you are a smoker, because smoking will eventually make all your efforts go to waste.

2- Drinking is more than just a money-wasting, liver-destroying, addiction-causing habit. Consumption of alcohol dehydrates your body severely, and your skin has to deal with most of the damage alcohol does. If it hurts your skin just by touching it what will it do if you consume it?

3- Junk food is an excellent choice if you are aiming at destroying your skin. With its rich content of trans fat with free radicals, and inflammation causing refined carbs, junk food can possibly be one of the most effective ways of damaging your skin. So, remember that when you are nonchalantly munching of those French fries.

4- If skin care had a bible, then avoiding the sun would definitely be in it. Maybe you like to have a glorious tan but believe me the ultimate results are not worth it. In your thirties and forties you will look like what you are supposed to in your fifties and sixties.

4 Abusive Things You Do to Your Skin Unknowingly

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