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We limit our creativity and suppress what could have been a brilliant work, when we consider anything less than perfect is not worthwhile. You will never publish that book or frame that painting if you are waiting to produce perfection. Perfection is subjective; what is perfect to someone is far from perfect to another.

This is clear when it comes to physical beauty; too thin can be the perfect body in one culture, while a more rounded physique in other cultures is most desirable. When you look closer, you will find that perfectionism is connected to self- worth; seeking perfection makes attainment of self- worth never comes because the self- imposed conditions are usually too high.

Even if you managed to meet your own standards of perfection, your sense of self- worth does not last long because you will seek another perfect accomplishment to sustain feelings of worth. We often miss the point of what we are doing, when we are driven by perfection, which drives us in a way that results become more important than the process, so we miss the whole point of life.

But when we are driven by love, it is no longer about the perfect results but about the desire to express love in what we are doing. There is no room for needing to be the best to feel worthy or for fear of failure. What produces excellence is the love of self, others and the task at hand.

The cure for perfectionism is remembering you are unconditionally worthy no matter what you do and how you do it.

So much more is possible when you stop seeking perfection, and remember you do not have to prove anything to anyone not even yourself. Make love your motivator and you will see the result is inevitably something exquisite.


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