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We talked earlier about some methods that would help you with your loneliness such as starting a journal, meditation, reaching out to someone close and talking to a therapist. Now, we will resume talking about some other helpful methods.

Instead of thinking how alone you are, do any thing to take your mind off your feeling lonely including riding a bike, reading a book or taking a walk. Try new things and explore new hobbies; experiences will give you a basis to talk about with other people. Keep yourself busy with extracurricular activities or work because downtime is the main reason for feeling lonely.

If you do not have someone to go out with you, do not let that stop you from enjoying yourself; you can go to a movie or a nice restaurant by yourself. Stop holding yourself back; it is not strange to do things on your own.

You can take a magazine or a book with you when you go out for a coffee or to eat. Many people go out by themselves; do not assume that others will look at you and think you have no friends. You may need some time to get used to this but once you do, you will find it fun.

If you truly need a companionship, consider getting a pet like a cat or a dog. Winning the affection and trust of your pet will give you a very rewarding experience. However, you need to be responsible and prepared to take care of it.

Making new friends requires getting involved in activities such as volunteering in your community, book clubs, art exhibitions and taking a class. If you are shy, join a social anxiety group even if it is online. The bottom line, you need to do activities that interest you and try to enjoy yourself regardless of anything else.


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