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Likeable people do not compete; they never try to take over in a conversation. They rather see conversations as a chance to create deep relationships and connect with others. If you want to be likeable, aim to make the other person you talk to feel respected and liked. This will make everyone involved in the interaction more likely enjoy it.

As people, we tend to be self- involved not noticing the problems of others. Likeable persons like helping people solve their issues, and if you could do that, you can make friends for life.

Small talks do not create long- lasting friendships, and that is why likeable persons transform small talks into deep conversations. They do their best to take the conversation to more personal subjects to relate more to what they are told and to the person they are talking to. Shaking hands and patting shoulders make people more comfortable around you. This takes away the physical barrier of distance and thus eliminating the emotional barrier. Likeable persons have so many friends because they intentionally befriend tons of people.

They meet people, ask about their contact information and they spend time with them; then they do the same with other people and never lose touch with anyone. If you want to be more likeable, you need to get out of your zone, befriend new people and build as many relationships as you can.

You must be thinking that most people suck and act rudely, and it is true that everyone can be bothersome from time to time. Still, people are really nice deep down and easy to get along with, unless they have had a bad day.

Likeable people know this fact and act accordingly; they like getting to know others. At the end, if you develop your attitude of liking people, you will be likeable in no time.