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Depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, heart disease, memory impairment and weight gain are the sad list of symptoms, which explains your need for an effective approach to stress. The first tactic to handle stress is to look at the big picture and get perspective. Though it sounds a cliché, but there are more to this image than you think.

According to research, it is a good tactic to remind yourself how unimportant the event is in the big picture. When you put things into perspective, you can squish stress, as you see how small it is. When you are stressed, imagine fast- forward in time to see how little harm can be caused in the long term.

Ruminating on how stressed you are lead to more stress, and going on and on in the details will never lead anywhere. The second tactic is you should keep laughing because laughter can aid muscle relaxation and stimulate circulation, which both help reduce some symptoms of stress.

As a proof, there was a study on two groups of participants: the first watched a comedy show and the other watched a video on tourism.

The first group was less stressed, and it is found that increased laughter correlated with decreased stress.
Actually, humor helps you put things in perspective and recover from stress. A study in 2011 found the participants who watched a funny video, their anxiety went down.

Comedy helps cope with stress, so go ahead and laugh as much as you can for a low- stress life. Another important method to ease stress is to meditate; taking several deep breaths can help you keep stress under control and refocus. A study in 2007 discovered that mindfulness meditation reduces levels of reported stress and anxiety.