Actually, many of our pains and aches can be treated by simple foods we commonly find in our kitchen such as honey, however many people are not aware of such precious knowledge. These old fashioned folk remedies have been proven effective by modern medical studies. One of these remedies is honey and apple cider vinegar drink, which its health benefits are widely known.

This recipe has been used traditionally as a home self- remedy for many ailments and even as a home self- detox; many people made use of its cleansing properties to self- detoxify their bodies. It is seen as a natural healing elixir and a powerful cleansing agent with naturally occurring antiseptic and antibiotic that fight bacteria and germs.

This apple cider vinegar and honey treatment can cure many ailments including obesity, premature aging, acid reflux, food poisoning, arthritis, bad breath, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and eczema.
Another remedy is the combination of honey and cinnamon that has been used for centuries in oriental medicine. This mixture has been reported to be a formula for many health benefits and a natural cure for many diseases.

Apply cinnamon powder and honey on bread instead of butter or jam and eat it regularly for breakfast; in the long run this can help prevent heart attacks and hypercholesterolemia.

For arthritis, apply a paste of the two ingredients on the affected area of your body and massage it slowly. For hair loss, apply a paste of a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and hot olive oil 15 minutes before bath and wash.

For a natural cure of obesity, mix two teaspoons of lime juice and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water and take this remedy once in the morning as a wake up drink on an empty stomach and after a big and oily meal.


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