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One of the biggest struggles for kids with dyslexia is “reading comprehension”, which is essential for success in school. The key to solve this problem for dyslexic children is to develop several skills including connecting letters to sounds, i.e. kids need to learn that each letter of alphabet is related to a certain sound (referred to as phonics) then he/ she will be able to sound out words, and this process is called “decoding”.

Upon decoding the words, the text starts to make sense. “Word recognition” means the ability to read a word without having to sound it out, and the more recognized words by sight the faster the kid will be able to read.

Usually, readers can recall what they have just read and they can summarize it, but for dyslexic readers- due to their struggle to sound out words- it is hard to understand the text. So, if your child is having trouble reading, get him/ her extra help because kids struggling with reading cannot catch up on their own. Fortunately, there are teaching tools and methods that can help dyslexic children succeed.

Some of the possible causes for dyslexia are:
– Heredity and genes: It often runs in families. If your child has dyslexia, there is a good chance that another relative has it too. Researchers also found many genes related to reading issues.

Brain anatomy: Having dyslexia does not mean the kid is not bright; actually many dyslexic kids are intelligent, but their brain may seem different from that of other non- dyslexic people.

For example, planum temporale- an area in the brain has a role in understanding language- is larger in the left side of the brain than in the right side (for right- handed people), but for the dyslexic kid planum temporale is bout the same size on the right and left sides of the brain.


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