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Have you ever thought about the dangers of soda drinks on your body?

The caramel coloring used in soft drinks like cola can raise the risk of cancer due to the chemical process during its manufacture, which produces the dangerous carcinogen. The researchers found out that one can of cola on daily basis is enough to expose the consumers to cancer of one extra case in every hundred thousand.

According to research, diet sodas have more or higher cancer- causing levels. Actually, the dangers of soda drinks are not limited to cancer only, but they can also affect your body in different ways.

After few minutes of drinking cola, the insulin levels increase in bloodstream and all the sugar is converted into fat by the liver. Furthermore, blood pressure rises because of the high levels of sugar in the bloodstream. Light cola without caffeine contains aqua carbonated- that is sparkling water- which increases gastric secretion and stirs the gastric juice acidity.

Also contained is Acesulfame Potassium which is a synthetic chemical used as a sugar substitute, and it irritates the operation of the cardiovascular system in addition to causing an excitant effect on the nervous system; it is badly dissolved and not recommended for pregnant women and children.

Sodium Benzoate is another component used as anti- bacterial agent, and we can find it in many food products such as fruit yoghurts, fruit juices and jams; it is not recommended for people who are sensitive to aspirin or asthmatics.

Actually, a study in Britain revealed that this compound can cause damage to DNA which can lead to degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and cirrhosis. You may get astonished to know that coca cola can have many advantages other than drinking. It is considered a great tool to remove corrosion from car battery, to remove rusty stains on chrome surfaces and to clean dirty stains from clothes.

 dangers of soda drinks on your body

Have you ever thought about the dangers of soda drinks on your body

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