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9 Great Tips for a Makeup That Makes You Look Gorgeous in Pictures

How much we like to take pictures of ourselves whether they were photographs or selfies largely depends on how we look in them. And whether pictures look good or bad largely depends on how light is reflected of our features. So how do we manipulate the light and how it shows our features? Through makeup. Here is how to apply makeup that makes you look gorgeous in pictures.

1- Priming is especially necessary if you are to have your picture taken. It unifies uneven colors in your skin and helps you spread your foundation in a look that seems natural and refreshing.

2- Use matt colors. They hide flaws and they do not enlarge parts of your face like sparkly colors do. The camera flash will give you all the shimmer you need and maybe more, so do not use shimmery colors that make you look unnatural.

3- When applying makeup, do it at day. In other words, apply your makeup in sun light. Makeup does not look the same at sunlight compared to indoor lighting. In fact it looks thinner making you apply more than needed.

4- We have already agreed on leaving out all that causes shine. So, instead of using translucent or shimmery powders, use yellow tinted ones.

5- Take extra care when blending in concealers. Flash lighting is strong, and in case you haven’t blended the concealer well, fine lines and uneven colors will show in the pictures.

6- Regarding your eyeshadow palette, avoid pastels and soft colors. Go for shadowy rich colors instead, like red, chocolate brown or gold.

7- Contrast in colors in your eyes’ area looks far better in pictures. So when you pick colors for your mascara or eyeliner pick black.

8- A little blush will define your face more in pictures. Add it lightly until you get the desired result.

9- Define your lips in the pictures with the right colors and some lip liner. Avoid pastel colors here as well.

Tips for a Makeup That Makes You Look Gorgeous in Pictures

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