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8 Tips for Lessening Sodium Intake in Your Diet

High levels of Sodium contained in salt spells many problems ranging from unhealthy hair and skin to dangerous high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. According to many researches, your recommended daily intake of sodium should be no more than one teaspoon to avoid any health problem. Here are few tips that will help you keep your Sodium intake as low as possible.

1- If you are going to buy convenience foods, make sure they are low in Sodium. Therefore avoid things like salad dressings, cake and pudding mixes, frozen dinners and pizzas, canned soups and broths and other types of canned or packaged food that contains sodium as a preservative.

2- When cooking, add salt to the food last. That is because when you add salt first, it is absorbed by the food and the salty taste gets weaker the longer it is being cooked. So add salt only after cooking.

3- There are types of salt especially manufactured to have lower Sodium quantities. They are a very good alternative for regular types of salt.

4- If you are eating some types of canned foods such as legumes (canned beans, peas etc) or canned tuna or sardines, rinse them with some water to lower the quantity of sodium in them.

5- Avoid foods rich in salt and Sodium such as pickles, cured meats and smoked or salted fish.

6- If you are going to eat out, inquire about the quantity of salt added to the food. You can claim that you have a medical condition preventing you from consuming much salt and thus the chef will have to lessen the salt in your food.

7- When buying food, check the labels to know how much salt and Sodium is added to the food. Try to buy food with little or no sodium.

Tips for Lessening Sodium Intake in Your Diet8- If you happen to eat food rich in Sodium, try to null its effect with foods that are rich in potassium such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

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