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8 Reasons Why a Mango Every Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Mangoes are a delicious exotic fruit. Everyone likes them but many avoid them because of few misconceptions that were already proven wrong. In this article you will learn many reasons why one mango a day makes a world of improvement to your life.

1- Mangoes are a natural skin cleanser. So if you are like me, aiming to go green all the way, then how about using mangoes as a skin cleanser instead of expensive manufactured chemical cleansers? Moreover you will not need to worry about them suiting your skin type because they suit any skin type. Slice a mango thinly and apply the slices to your face to unclog pores and reduce acne.

2- Mangoes fight cancer. You probably already know that but it is so important that I’ll say it all the same. They are full of cancer fighting antioxidants like isoquercitrin, quercetin, fisetin, astragalin, gallic acid and methylgallat.

3- Conterary to common belief, mangoes help you lose weight faster. They have nutrients and vitamins that will make you feel fuller. They are also rich in fiber that will make your metabolism better.

4- Mangoes are good for your eyes. Not just because they have a lot of vitamin A, but they also improve your eyesight and fight diseases like night blindness and dry eyes.

5- Mangoes lower your cholesterol levels because they are rich in vitamin C, fiber, pectin and potassium. As you may already know, all these nutrients are important for a healthy heart rate and blood pressure.

6- Mangoes prevent heat strokes. When you feel overheated in summer, and are pressed for time that you cannot take a shower, just eat a mango or make a smoothie of it with few ice cubes and a spoonful of honey. It will cool you down immediately.

7- Mangoes boost brain functions like memory and concentration. This happens because of their high content of glutamine acid. If you are doing something that requires concentration, eat mangoes.

8- Anemia is common in women because they need more iron in menopause and pregnancy. Since mangoes are rich in iron, it is the perfect snack to help with treating anemia.

Mango Every Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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