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8 Amazing and Important Foot Care Tips

The comfort and health of our feet affects the comfort and health of our whole bodies. No one can argue about the importance of our feet, yet many of us neglect our feet health by fitting them into tight shoes, raising them with high heels and letting them get conditions like athlete’s foot. You can take the proper care of your feet now by following the next amazing tips:

1. Take Care of Pedicures

Paying attention of your feet doesn’t mean that you have to head to expensive salons to get a pedicure every now and then. In fact, salons that offer pedicures may be risky because of hygiene purposes. Hence, make sure that the pedicure equipment are properly cleaned and consult a doctor before getting a pedicure if you are diabetic.

2. Regularly Wash and Dry Your Feet

Wash your feet with soap and water under a faucet or in the shower regularly. Make sure that you wash every part including between the toes. You can get the help of washcloth while cleaning. After that, dry feet fully also including the bits between the toes. Making this procedure a habit will reduce accumulation of bacteria and fungi thus ridding you off problems like feet odor and athlete’s foot.

3. Be Careful of Age, Diabetes and Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes a lot of changes on a woman’s body; one of them is changing feet size and putting more weight on the feet. Therefore, a pregnant woman should get her feet measured and get comfortable pregnancy shoes. As for aging women, they need to get shoes with better cushioning since they tend to lose the cushioning fat on the feet balls. Diabetic individuals also need to take special care of their feet to avoid diabetes related problems.

4. Soak Feet Properly

If you like to let your feet relax in a foot bath, make sure that the water is just warm and not hot. Moreover, don’t use Epsom salts because they can give you dry feet. Instead, you can put a little amount of liquid soap that has moisturizing properties. Remember to dry feet well after soaking them.

5. Don’t Always Wear Flats and Flip-Flops

Flip-flops can stress your feet as you make extra effort to get them off the floor while walking. All flat shoes don’t offer arch support and this can encourage development of flat feet, especially in women. Hence, maintain your feet’s strength and health by wearing footwear that provide supportive arches more often.

6. Moisturize Feet Regularly

There are many luxurious feet products with beautiful scents for pampering and moisturizing feet. Moisturizing feet is essential especially during dry months, but you don’t have to spend a fortune or get something special. Basic lotions and creams are okay to use for this purpose.

7. Keep Feet Comfortable

Whenever you feel that your feet are hurting, you should be alarmed. Toe shape can be disfigured just because you wear tight shoes or shoes that have too narrow pointed ends. Protect your Achilles tendon by regularly changing heel heights. Heels that is unstable, higher than two inches or very thin can also be seriously harmful when worn for prolonged periods of time.

8. Alternate Shoes and Socks Regularly

You can fix a smelly feet problem by soaking feet in water and vinegar. However, you can prevent smelly feet in the first place by not wearing the same shoes daily. For instance, you can get two pairs of your favorite kind of shoes and alternate their wearing day by day so that they can be aired. Socks must also be changed daily and if you wear shoes for a long time during the day, change socks more than once per day.

Foot Care Tips

8 Amazing and Important Foot Care Tips 8 Amazing and Important Foot Care Tips

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