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7 Warning Signs On Heart Attacks

A heart attack occurs when the blood is not flowing enough to the heart which makes its muscles weak and injured as a result of lake of oxygen supply .Studies that were made by the American Heart Association conducted that almost every 34 seconds someone gets a heart attack in the united states , most of the cases survive it and get back to their normal lives again , but the fact that heart attacks is becoming one of the most common causes of death in the world now should make you be aware of any warning signs of a heart attack .

7- Unusual Excessive Sweating .

If you suddenly find yourself sweating excessively when you haven’t been doing more than the usual activities you do everyday then this could be a warning sign of a heart attack , for women it may feel like the hot flashes of menopause , if you experience this symptom more than twice a day you need to call your doctor right away .

6- Breathlessness Or Dizziness .

When you start feeling that you are unable to draw a deep breath you may feel that it is your lungs , but it could be the first serious sign of a heart attack and it happens as a result to lake of oxygen circulating in your blood because of weak heart muscles , However it can be also an indicator to a lung disease , contact your doctor or heath provider once you experience this symptom often enough .

5- Pain In Shoulders , Neck Or Arms .

While pain in the chest is a common sign for a heart attack , other pains in the shoulders , neck or arms can also be a warning sign for a heart attack , pain from a blocked artery or damaged heart tissues due to lake of oxygen supply to the heart send signals that feels as pain up and down the spinal cord , which may echo in the neck , jaws , arms , shoulders and between the shoulder blades , the pain could be shard or it could be dull like a soar muscles , if you feel the pain travels upwards to your neck and out you have to contact your doctor right away .

4- Extreme Fatigue .

Extreme fatigue that lasts for days , weeks or even months and it stops you from being able to accomplish your daily tasks can be a warning sign of a heart attack that occurs up to months before a heart attack happen , not a normal feeling of exhaustion but an extreme fatigue that is similar to that you feel when you have a flu .

3- Anxiety Attacks And Insomnia .

Most patients who suffered a heart attack reported that they experienced anxiety attacks and insomnia months before they have a heart attack and this is due to a change in the oxygen level in the body due to a heart disease, it could be a way that the body want to let you know that there is something that is not alright .

2- Nausea , Vomiting , indigestion .

When the heart is not being fed of enough oxygen due to damaged heart tissues or a blocked artery causing angina which feels like cramps or squeezing in the chest , however in some cases the pain come a bit lower in the abdomen which may feel like gastrointestinal problem.

1- Rapid Or Irregular Heart Beats .

If you started complaining from sudden irregular heartbeats that has no explanation it could be an indicator of a heart attack weeks or even months before it occurs , an increase in the heart beats per minutes without a physical activity is a serious condition that need an immediate medical attention .

Signs On Heart Attacks

7 Warning Signs On Heart Attacks

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