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7 Things Make Men Don’t Approach You And How To Fix It

You can be a friendly and a gorgeous girl but doing some unintended mistakes that lead men to not approach you , you can be in the right place and in the right time with that great guy who you think may have feelings for you but nothing happen , you want to know why? You want to find out why guys don’t approach you and how to fix it ? If yes then this article is made for you , we will refer your attention to the reasons that might be why guys are not approaching you and how to fix it so follow up on this article .

7- You Are On Your Phone All The Time .

If you are one of those girls who are always on the phone , tablet or laptop , no matter what you are doing whether you are texting , checking the internet or talking in public places and you wonder why guys don’t approach you then this is probably why , being always on the phone feel as if you are telling everybody to not disturb .

6- You Don’t Give Glances .

The way you get a guy to know that you are actually interested is by giving some quick glances but not too quick , eye contact with a warm and shy smile is very important to reflect an impression about you that you are a seductive and interesting woman , the quick eye contact will also give the guy the green line to approach you .

5- You Are Showing Your Anger Or Moodiness In Public .

This is one thing that for sure will push any guy away , you behaving rudely or being very moody like looking angry or shouting at the staff wherever you are , this will immediately give a bad impression about you , what you need to do is appear calm , nice and polite , smile every now and then and be that lovely feminine yet confident woman that any guy would love to talk to .

4- You Act Like You Are Too Nice To Be There .

While it is important to well behave yourself in public , you should also be aware of feeling yourself too much or acting. like you are too nice to be there that could be considered perfectly normal by your side but like an arrogant narcissist person from another’s perspective , don’t look low at people and don’t turn away that guy who has been working on his courage to actually come and talk to you making him feel that you are too nice to even talk to him .

3- You Are Being Too Easy .

This is not a new role that easy girls don’t earn the respect of guys , it is known and most guys think like this , a girl who is throwing herself on every man in the place is an easy pick and not lighting that spark of admiration or being special to any guy , you don’t need to be too hard to approach either because both ways will push guys away .

2- You Are Never Alone .

If you are always surrounded by your friends , laughing? , dancing and talking then you are not giving a chance for that guy who has been keeping his eyes on you all the time to come and approach you , get out of the group for a few minutes , get yourself a drink or take a walk out for fresh air to open the window for that guy to come and approach you .

1- He Always See You With Guys .

If you hang out with guys often then be sure the one you like won’t dare to approach , because most men don’t like to talk to women who belong to other men , there will be no easy way to make that guy who has an eye on you understand that you are just hanging out with a friend .

7 Things Make Men Dont Approach You And How To Fix It