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7 Scientifically Tested Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a widely known disinfectant made of water and oxygen. People often use it just as a disinfectant for cuts and scraps. However, it has plenty of other uses that make it necessary to have at every house. Some of which are:

1- Ever heard of detoxing baths? Add a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to the water in your bathtub when taking a bath to disinfect your skin and cure it.

2- If you have nasal sinus problems, hydrogen peroxide can help in treating them. Just add a spoonful of 3% hydrogen peroxide to a cup of water and use it with a neti pot as a nasal lavage.

3- If you are one of the people who use contacts, then you definitely need hydrogen peroxide. Add a few drops of 3% Hp to your contacts with the contact cleanser, leave them for five minutes, then soak them again in the cleanser.

4- Make a 1:1 spray of hydrogen peroxide and water in your kitchen. After each time you finish using your countertop, spray it with this solution to keep your kitchen workstation germ-free.

5- By combining the effects hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, you have the most effective germ killer ever. Don’t put those two in one bottle, put each in a bottle separately. Spray whatever you want to disinfect with them and then rinse with water after few moments. Use it in your bathroom and kitchen where germs mostly gather.

6- If you are into gardening, HP can be very useful for you as well. Soak the seeds you intend to grow in water and hydrogen peroxide solution for few hours then grow the seeds and add a little bit of this solution to your seeds each time you water them.

7- Hydrogen peroxide can clean and disinfect your plates and cutlery better if you add it to your dishwasher soap.

Scientifically Tested Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

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