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7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Eggs Daily

Eggs are one of the few miraculous foods you can find in nature. Besides their importance for making almost any type of delicious confectionary and their high protein content, they contain some nutrients that are rarely found in other types of food. Here are some of the reasons why eggs are a must in your daily diet.

1- Contrary to the common belief, eggs lower cholesterol levels. How? Cholesterol is small fat particles that are carried by the blood. Eating eggs regularly makes these fat particles larges and thus more difficult to carry by blood and easier to extract.

2- Eggs contain Lutein, Zeaxanthin and vitamin A which are important nutrients needed to prevent degeneration of eyesight.

3- Some eggs come from chickens raised in pastures and fed omega-3 rich feed, which in turn leads to making the eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acid that boost metabolism and enhance weight loss.

4- You already know that eggs are rich in protein foods, but they are so rich that they fulfill you for a long time. This makes the calories you consume throughout the day much lesser if you consume them in breakfast.

5- Eggs contain a rare nutrient called choline. People rarely know of this important nutrient, and thus do not get enough of it. Moreover, most vitamin supplements do not have it even though it is necessary for building cell membranes and producing signaling molecules in the brain.

6- Eggs are not just filling, but they are low in calories as well. This makes them a basic ingredient of any weight loss diet that has ever existed.

7- Eggs increase High Density Lipoprotein in your blood, and HDL is often known as the good type of cholesterol that lowers risks of stroke and heart diseases.

Eat Eggs Daily

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