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7 Quick Tips for Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels When You’re Diabetic

Diabetes happens when your body fails to process sugar and as a result, extra sugar cannot be extracted or turned into fat or energy, and it increases until it becomes dangerous or even fatal. In short, stabilizing blood sugar levels is a matter of life and death for those who are diabetic.

1- You don’t need me to tell you this, but I’ll say it all the same: Check your blood sugar levels regularly, and check your condition with your doctor regularly.

2- Working out might be good for your blood sugar levels, but it might be bad as well. It might make your blood sugar levels drop below normal. So, have your blood sugar levels checked before and after exercising.

3- Drink enough water. It is recommended to drink even more than the daily recommended quantity of water. Water is one of the things that can stabilize blood sugar levels.

4- Avoid alcoholic drinks. They work on worsening diabetes in different ways. They are usually rich in calories, and they decrease the water you need for stabilizing blood levels.

5- Have some caramels or glucose tablets with you at all times. Sometimes things could happen that makes you skip a meal when you already had your insulin shot, and this could be really dangerous.

6- Have an A1c test two to three times a year. This tests shows how your blood sugar levels have been like for the last few months, and this is important for observing how well you are responding to diabetes medications and the change in your lifestyle.

7- Avoid stress. Stress can really worsen diabetes. So, doing whatever can rid you of it should be a routine for those diagnosed with diabetes.

 Tips for Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels When You're Diabetic