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The 7 No-no’s You Should Avoid While Washing Your Hair

Washing and shampooing your hair is an essential routine for everyone. However, there are few wrong things people commit while washing and shampooing hair. Such mistakes can lead to many hair problems like dandruff, weak or dry hair, split ends etc. In this article we will point out these no no’s for you to avoid the next time you wash your hair.

1- Over exhausting your hair while washing it is a quick trip to having no hair. You might feel that your hair is dirty or oily, but that is no excuse to abuse it. When washing your hair do not rub it violently. You just need to massage the scalp a bit gently.

2- Wrong use of conditioner can damage both your hair and your scalp. When using conditioner, remember to apply it to the hair itself not the scalp as it might irritate it.

3- Do you read something like: “apply a second time” or “repeat if needed” among the instructions on the back of the shampoo bottle? This is another big mistake you commit when washing your hair.

4- Washing your hair with cold or hot water is a really big mistake. This tires out your hair and makes it weak and lifeless. Wash your hair with lukewarm water.

5- Using shampoo all the time is a mistake many people commit when washing hair. You should try to use natural soap (it is easy to make, google it), or even just sodium bicarbonates and rinse it with water mixed with a little vinegar.

6- Not rinsing your hair right after lathering it is a mistake. Some people might like to keep the nice smell of their shampoo in their hair, but having the chemicals in the shampoo on your hair for a long time can highly damage your hair and scalp.

7- Starting to wash the crown then go to the back of the head is another mistake. I am not saying it is wrong but following this same technique every time is the problem. Change the way you wash your hair a bit every time.

Washing Your Hair

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