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7 Impressing Health Benefits of Sauna Sessions

Saunas are small rooms with dry or wet heat sessions. It is a worldwide culture originating from the Nordic region in Europe. Saunas are known for their numerous health benefits recognized by many people including experts. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

7. Great for Weight Loss

In a dry heat sauna session a person may burn up to 500 calories in 20 minutes if the session is set at about 170 Fahrenheit. This is because the heat raises your heart rate and increases your body’s metabolism.

6. Develops Higher Endurance

Our bodies are accustomed to a certain level of heat endurance. Spending time in the sauna on regular basis increases the endurance threshold. This is an advantage during exercise as you increase your tolerance and develop your performance.

5. Effectively Rids Your Body from Toxins

One of the means to eliminate toxins from the body is via sweat. The heat from sauna causes vigorous sweating flushing away all the toxins.

4. Helps Recover After Exercise

Treating yourself with a sauna session after workout helps you recover faster as you flush your body off its toxins and increase blood flow to strained muscles.

3. Strengthen Your Immune System

Sauna sessions increase the amounts of white blood cells in your body. Individuals who take regular sessions have higher WBCs, better immunity and therefore, are healthier.

2. Saunas Make You Look Young

As blood flow to your skin increases during sauna sessions, it helps renew your skin cells and eliminate dead cells accumulated in pores. It also activates your natural skin oils and antibiotics making you look young and fresh.

1. Great for Your Hair

Spending time in the sauna activates the sebaceous gland in your scalp that is responsible for releasing chemicals that conditions your hair keeping it healthy and looking fabulous without relying on hair products.

Health Benefits of Sauna Sessions

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