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7 Great Tips to Get Soft Gorgeous Feet

Not many people take good care of their feet, even though they are one of the parts you need most in your body. So, after some time of neglect and harsh treatment they become shocked with how their feet are starting to look like. However, taking care of your feet is not that difficult, and you will read all about it in this article.

1- Avoid wearing flip-flops and completely flat shoes. Why? Because your shoes should support the arch of your feet. Shoes with arch support provide protection from flat feet and other foot problems.

2- Make washing your feet carefully a regular routine. Do not just splash them with water like people usually do. Instead, wash them with soap and water and make sure to rub between your toes. After that, dry them gently with a soft towel. This way, your feet will be protected from common feet problems, like fungus and bacteria that cause awful odors.

3- Instead of getting pedicures at beauty parlors, make your own pedicure session at home with your own pedicure tools. Not all beauty parlors care that much about the cleanness of their tools or the health of their clients’ feet. And since you cannot see germs by naked eye, play it safe and make your own pedicure.

4- Change your socks and the sneakers you wear often. This way they have enough time to air out and will not develop fungus or nasty odors.

5- Your feet should not hurt ever. Therefore, Make sure your shoes are on your size and are comfortable enough for you. Also make sure the heels are wide enough to support your heels, and it is better to avoid high heels and pointy shoes altogether.

6- Moisturize your feet often. You do not have to get anything expensive. You can use regular hand cream or baby oil.

7- Sprinkle some sodium bicarbonate inside your shoes when you are not wearing them to prevent odors and fungus from developing.

Tips to Get Soft Gorgeous Feet

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