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7 Genuine Ways of Using Starch

Starch is a carbohydrate compound found in high levels in wheat, maize, potatoes and rice. It has a high glycemic index, so usually people avoid cooking with it to avoid raising glucose levels in blood, obesity and other similar problems. However, did you know that starch has other genuine uses that can help save your money and effort?

1- Want to make your glass windows super clean and shiny in a few minutes? Make this formula for cleaning glass windows: Mix some starch with the juice of one lemon, some white vinegar and some water. Clean your glass windows using this mixture to make them super shiny and clean.

2- Get rid of carpet stains using starch. Sprinkle some starch on the tough stains on your carpet, leave it there for an hour then remove the starch with the stains with your vacuum cleaner. Voila! The stains will be gone forever.

3- You have been out in the sun for so long that your skin stings now? Make a sticky paste by mixing starch with water then rub your sun burnt skin lightly with it. Leave it there until it dries out then wash it off with lukewarm water.

4- Dissolve a spoonful of starch in a liter of water and spray it on wrinkled hard to iron clothes. The wrinkles will disappear and your clothes will remain wrinkle free for a long time.

5- Clean leather with starch. Leather is not easy to clean or wash, so you can clean it by sprinkling it with starch and leaving it overnight for the starch to work its magic. Shake it off in the morning and it will look clean and brand new.

6- Do you often find that your hair gets tangled when combing it? Sprinkle some starch on the tangled hair and leave it there a bit then comb your hair and you will find it detangled quickly.

7- Make your hair extremely soft and naturally straight by massaging it with a runny mixture of starch and corn oil. The results will dazzle you.

Using Starch

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